Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dishwashers are NOT overrated

I found that out a little over a month ago when we moved in to our new home. I LOVE having a dishwasher. I never thought that I'd like or want one, and when it came with this house, I thought, Oh well. ha! It doesn't take all the work out of doing dishes, but it does make it much easier. And in the mornings, I can just put them away. It's quite therapeutic;)

Have I mentioned that I really enjoy having a potty trained girl? Well, I do. And I have absolutely no advice. Now for her younger brother. Just kidding, of course. He's only (almost) 8 months old. Mikayla never got higher than a size 3 in diapers, and our Joseph will be needing 4s! soon. Yikes! He's such a chunk.

This is the first year that I've not submitted a photo at Pow-wow days in Comanche. I'm seriously pretty sad about it. Life has been just a bit too hectic around here, and it's just not the same if my mom's not joining me in the big contest. So, maybe on Saturday, we'll head that way and see all the awesome photographs. sigh. I LOVE looking at others photos. So cool.

Monday- Wednesday is CARPET and TILE TIME!!! Yay! All the painting is done and after Wednesday we'll be able to get furniture in this house. Our beds are pretty much the only thing we have out. Everything else is in the garage. I'm ready to sit down on a COUCH. Hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining. I'm just ready. Is that so bad?? So, while they're working on our house, I'm snatching up my mom and we're off to see Grace and fam for a few days. YAY! I think we'll have loads of fun- a trip or two to IKEA and whole foods AND we get to see her beautiful brand new 5 bedroom house. Wow! How fun, eh?

Oh yeah. I'm now officially (ha!) the teacher for 10-12 year olds at our church. We have about 5 kiddos in that class. I'm looking forward to teaching them and I pray the Lord will use me in their lives. We'll be starting with the book of Ruth. First things first. I need to make sure they all have a Bible. So, hopefully I can find a few pretty cheap.

Enough. Good night! I really want to post pics- after the carpet and tile and when we can finally get some pics up on the walls.


Emmie said...

Howdy! Want to go to McKinney with me? I'm taking your car....

Heather said...

can't wait to see the pics. have a safe and fun trip.

Laura said...

sarah, i'm sure the house will look great! it looked good when we saw it. wyatt is in size 3 diapers too!

yea for teaching sunday school! i know you'll do a great job.