Thursday, August 07, 2008

I had no idea, Laura

Seriously. I didn't know that you checked it so often. Makes me smile:) Ok this one is for you, my faithful checker.

HPU's homecoming is on my birthday. Can you believe that I'll be 29?! Isn't that like almost 30? Deep breath. Just know, Laura, that you can stay with us anytime. Hope it still works out for y'all to come!

The house we're moving into (Lord willing) is right around the corner about half a mile away. Yay! So, we'll still be in Early, which is really important to us b/c of the school here. We feel it's a good one for our children.

Instead of using my time to clean my house, I'm packing. It doesn't look very nice, but I am getting some things accomplished. I have lots of boxes piled up. fun. My mom's coming tomorrow and will be spending the night. Oh, we have lots of fun planned;) We'll even be able to see Grannybear!!

Did I mention that I LOVE my husband?? And my daughter. and my son. yep, I do!

I'll leave you tonight with a most beautiful verse:

"The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms."
~Deut. 33:27
Does it get any better than that??!


Amanda said...

oh my gosh. thank you for that verse! I will cling to that today!

lauradodson said...

YAY SARAH! One shiny gold star for you!

duh, of course~your bday is the
3rd....i'll tell jeffrey.

our little school is coming right along! we're all happy campers.

that verse is amazing. right now i'm studying the psalms of ascents... Ps 120-134. I'm on 121.

we're off to the river for swimming for the boys and maybe kayaking for me. weee!

Emmie said...

As Ian buffs my heels with a pumice stone (Ms. Pampered I am!), I want to thank you for a most wonderful time with you and yours! You treat me so well. I am enjoying the children, and Miss Abs might have actually gone to sleep, finally. Precious children. She is on a potty strike, and we'll have to work on that after church tomorrow.

Love you, Mrs. Moving Girl!

Misty said...

Sorry I am SO late at leaving a comment. Are you moved??? love you