Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I bet you didn't think I was going to have a new post when you checked my blog. Am I right? I think it's been the longest I've EVER gone without posting. So much is going on in our lives right now- it's unbelievable. The only thing older than my previous post is Grace's most recent one. Hers may even be dated as far back as 2007. Not to try to hint around at anything, Grace. ;)

BOXES, BOXES everywhere! If all goes well, and we REALLY hope it does, we'll be moving into our new home next Saturday. I've been packing throughout the day and slowly but surely, I'm getting things accomplished.

My best friend Christy got married. And she seems to be enjoying it. I don't hear much from her anymore... My parents moved to Winters. And we still only have one vehicle right now. It's been nice though to not be pressured to go anywhere.

PRAISE THE LORD, it RAINED today!!!!!!!! I really love the rain. sigh. It's soooo beautiful and refreshing for our dry land. It did my heart good to watch our Mikayla just dance and run around in the rain.

Ok, enough. I've not been getting enough sleep lately. Too many late nights. Time to put a stop to that. Good night, sweet ladies.


Amanda said...

a new post! yay!! well you seem to have been super busy! moving? sounds like fun! and praise God for rain!

laurad said...

Praise God for a post! If you only knew how often I check your blog and then say, "Man! I want a post!"

I am SO happy y'all have a home. Woohoo. Can't wait to see it! I found out Homecoming is Oct 3/4. We are still debating about what to do as we thought it would be late October...hmmmmmmm.

RAIN, we had rain last night and a bit the day before. I love every single drop!!! God is good.

Whenever I see dark clouds forming my soul quickens. I pray ferverently...and when those drops start to fall, every single ounce of stress, burden, whatever totally melts away and there is a deep inward sigh right in the middle of me. I LOVE RAIN!!!

Yay Rain, YAY GOD!

Emmie, the tired but happy one said...

Laura, I understand that deep sigh. Sweet.

Sarah the Blogger! How encouraging!


Ask me if I've missed you.

And I'm ALMOST finished unpacking. That IS bliss!

Love to all. Love the house!

Christy said...

It might be nice to let the faithful few know that I did indeed visit you the very next day after you posted that you "don't hear much" from me anymore... :)

And YES, for the most part, I am enjoying marriage greatly. :) :)