Sunday, October 21, 2007

Guess who's having a birthday!

Yep, it's my dearest friend Christy- you know, Mikayla's best bud. She's finally catching up with me. So, if you know how old I am, you also know her age:) I'm sure she'll appreciate me saying that. Happy Birthday, CC!!!! LOVE YOU!

We had a sleepover with her this past Friday night while the guys went camping. I decided to let Mikayla stay up late since it was a special occasion, and I (we) regretted that. She was full force at almost midnight and when it was FINALLY bedtime, she didn't do so well. Let's just say she used to getting around 12 hours of sleep a night and she got about 4 or 5. NOT FUN. But, we did take a really good, long nap the next day. :) My mom drew some cute things on this balloon and it popped while Mikayla held it. She was SO CONFUSED. And I think b/c it was so late we thought it was hilarious. We had an enjoyable weekend, to be sure!

25 weeks today. I just read online that if the baby were to be born right now (nooooo!) that he'd have a pretty good chance of survival. Isn't that awesome??!! I think that's so neato. He's weighing in at around 1.5 pounds.

Is this weird or what? I'm the ONLY ONE in our church who can still be/get pregnant. Wild??? I think so. Granted we DO have a small chruch, but it still seems strange to me. I feel like everyone is calling it quits. and I'm NOT putting anyone down, I promise. just an interesting fact I was pondering today... I can hear it now... GUESS WHO'S pregnant! duh. And why is it that every time somebody speaks on the tongue that it's so convicting to me?? Hmmm... this morning's SSchool was such a blessing to me. Lord willing, I have/will learn from it. sigh.

I'd better be done for the night. Good night, my friends out there. It's supposed to get COLD tomorrow. I. am. excited. for. sure.


Grace said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CC!!!!!! i was so jealous about that sleepover. but i will say that i would have rather had my sleepover with dean. i missed that boy. i can't believe you let miggy stay up that late. that's crazy. those little people sure do need a lot of sleep. just like their mommies.

well, ian's sick. his throat hurts like crazy. hopefully school will go okay tomorrow. he doesn't have a cough or a fever, so we think we're still going to send him. call me sometime. love you.

Emmie said...

Happy Birthday, CC! I love all the people mentioned in this blog. See ya later!

Christy said...

I hope Ian feels better soon... He'd better not be too sick for picture day!

Thanks, Grace and Pwe, for the bday wishes. Bah.. 28.. :(

Love you, Sarah!!! I LOVED my bday phone call from Mikayla today - made my day for sure. That girl... oh how I do love her! And thanks again for the sleepover (Grace was missed!) and the looooong midnight chat! :) I learned all kinds of lessons.. :) Mostly just that I have had a severe change of heart on the whole. "I'll just put my kid in there and shut the door" theory... I'll probably be the one with the 5 year old that still sleeps with me.. Yikes.