Thursday, October 04, 2007

Daniel in the den

That's what my brother Dan called our little Joseph Daniel when he called last night to wish me a happy birthday. How sweet, eh? :) I loved it. In fact, get this. Boomama (yeah, I know I should link it, but I don't want to- and I have the same birthday!! I almost feel like I share my bday with a celebrity. I got about 4 or 5 comments while she got over 160. So, she's a little more popular than me, but 10 years OLDER. Ha! Gotcha, Boo! :)

Thank you all for your (my) happy birthday wishes. Y'all are GREAT!

Hopefully we'll be getting a bid tomorrow on getting our garage converted to a bedroom/bathroom. It would be SO nice to get that done, but the Lord knows. AND, we got a bid yesterday on getting a new AC/heating unit. Whoo hooo!

I can't believe Reva doesn't like cheesecake. Take her temp! Reva, thanks for the clothes!!! They are so cute! :)

Rats. Tonight's retainer night. I guess it's better than having to get braces again. I DON'T want that.

More later; I have a lot on my mind...



Grace said...

wow. she's back, ladies and gentlemen. with lots of new posts. oh goodie. that little dan is so cute. both of them. girl, in ten years, you'll probably have at least 20 comments, so whatever, boomama. she loves to brag about it, too. uhg. well, off to get the family ready for the day. man. that's a lot. hope to get to talk to you today. call me some time. love you.

Emmie said...

Love to all Dodson babies! Glad you liked the cheesecake, seeing as it had FIVE packages of cream cheese in it! Love you, baby!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

lol no my temp is fine. (:)