Friday, September 15, 2006

Then I saw her face

Guess What. I got to meet my dear sissy's latest addtion to their family- Baby Abigail Rose Ledbetter. She's so tiny compared to our Mikayla. I felt like she was a toddler compared to Abby. Talk about taking your breath away. I intentionally did not wear mascara that day knowing that I'd cry when I met her. And I did. She's absolutely lovely and yes, I'm in love. Then again, I knew I'd be. And now, I've got one more new niece to meet, and Lord willing, I'll meet her in November when Mike, Misty and family come for a visit. I'm really looking forward to that:)

So, what are YOUR plans for the weekend? Mine include the Bwd Reunion celebration, the 2nd half of the Early football game (the best half AND it's free), maybe a trip to Starbucks or something fairly similar, IOW, lots of fun planned:)My husband is now mowing and just found out that he's working the weekend. So, we weren't counting on that. Mikayla and I will be off to visit Grannybear with Emmie (aka Pwe or Vivian or Mom). I see dominoes in our near future. Granny's always up for the challenge.

My mom and I are taking a really cool photography class with Mark Dumas as the teacher. We've only be once and we're already learning so much! He's making it such a neat class and even sharing his "secrets." We like secrets, don't we, mom?

I'd better post this before it's time for Jody's next water break. I FINALLY have a pic of my new niece (so sweetly attacking my daughter).


sarahdodson said...

what a great title. i was humming the song the whole time i was reading. well, i too am happy that i got to remeet your daughter. she's so precious and yes, much bigger than the last time i saw her. well, sounds like you've got a busy weekend ahead of you. pretty soon, i'll be able to be included in the plans. love you.

Linda said...

What a precious picture. I'm so glad you got to spend time with her. The photography class sounds exciting. You'll be able to take and post great pictures!
I plan to do as little as possible this weekend. I spent the week trying to keep up with my family as they hiked, biked, climbed high hills and played badmitton while we were camping. I'm pooped!!

Emmie, aka Vivian said...

Grace, How did you post as Sarah? I am SO confused! Yippee for the photo class! I love y'all!

laura said...

precious photo of those two girls. :o)