Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Evening shift

My dear husband alternates between working evenings and days from week to week. Although ideally we'd like for him to have a straight day job, we really enjoy the different times in the day that we get to spend with each other. He's on evenings this week, so that means we get to sleep in together and have lunch together. This morning we all (Jody, Mikayla and I) headed to the park for nice walk. The weather was gorgeous and we walked for about an hour. So nice.

I can't believe I haven't posted the news that my sweet, sweet sister is moving back to TX. I'm thrilled, to say the least.

While I'm typing, the Sonic commercial came on about the real fruit smoothie. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? For some odd reason, I like them.

Well, tomorrow's plans entail shopping for a birthday gift, playing dominoes with Grannybear and attending church in Coleman in the evening- not to mention a few other things.

I had a great evening at my parents' house. CC was there. My mom made yummy cabbage rolls, Mikayla spit up sweet potatoes on my parents' carpet (which they were very understanding about), we made birthday cards, my mom made us a frapucchino (sp?), and I hid CC's chapstick. And for those of you who know CC, hiding her chapstick was a HUGE deal. Of course I laughed while she was quite frantically looking around for it, so it made it pretty obvious that I was the "guilty one." I think she still likes me. She only had to have dry lips for about 10 seconds- she's a HOOT!

Did I mention that I love my husband?? He's had a cold the past few days, so I've been trying to be kind to him (well, extra kind- right?). Lord willing, he'll be feeling better soon. Good night, sleep tight!

ps. I DO NOT KNOW how so many women blog every single day. somehow it doesn't work out for me.


Emmie, aka Vivian said...

Papa's sleeping in the next room, I have to crawl under the computer desk to disconnect the printer and plug in the camera--patience! I don't know how they blog daily, either. They must not have a daughter and granddaughter and friend who come over for supper.... Thanks for a lovely evening!
Yours and His,
Praying for the dear Joses

laura said...

I'm addicted to bloggin...that's how it works. :o) I take my camera almost everywhere now and think, "Oh, that'd be great in my blog." :o) *sigh*

Where in TX are they moving? This is Dean and Grace?

sarahdodson said...

Yes, Laura, Grace and Dean. And they're moving to McKinney!! :) He'll be starting the beginning of October. yay!

Christy said...

Okay... first of all, hiding my chapstick was not only mean, but it was also very inconsiderate - not funny. Now that we have that straight.. Of course I still like you. It's not your fault you know me well enough to know that I have no reason to need soft lips.. Sigh. STILL, I AM NOT AN ADDICT. (I guess I missed that whole admittance is the first step to recovery memo.. eh) Anyway, it's all fun and games until someone gets dry lips! Besides, it all ended well enough, with me and my soft lips coming home ALONE.. now if only we could find a camel, a tent, and oh yeah.. someone to help me off! lol

I love you tons and tons!!! :)