Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pow-Wow Days in Comanche

Good afternoon. Hope everyone is doing well. I've had a good day. I had a procedure done today with my dr, which wasn't tons of fun, but thankfully, it's over now. Lord willing, the healing process will begin. My husband is SO precious to me and comforts me so beautifully. How I love him!!

AND, my sweet dad watched Mikayla for us while we were out. He took such good care of her. He even WASHED MY DISHES!!! Gotta love that:)) When we walked in, Grandpa was holding Mikayla playing the piano. What a sweet sight.

Ok, now for the subject. Every year Pow-wow days in Comanche has a photo contest that we like to enter. I didn't last year, but my mom did, and she won in her division!! GO, Pwe! Anyway, I think I have a favorite for this year that I want to enter. CC, you need to get one and Pwe, too, for this year, ok? And we can all go together- it's SOOO hot there, but lots of fun. My dad usually drives the bus to run people around-it's HIS privilege- go figure. Hope you all have a good day!


Grace said...

i love that picture. i'm going to make it my wallpaper. don't forget to check my blog. you're not the only person who blogs. hope the healing happens quickly. sure love you. i'll call you tomorrow to let you know about my appt.

Vivi said...

Gonna have to take a pic pretty shortly, eh? I love you! Thanks for feeding the papa tonight. Your dotter is a beauty! She no longer looks like an infant, guys! Sad.... Lubs!

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

aww im luvin the pic shes getting really cute actually shes always been cute but anyways yea gotta luv the powpos they're fun.