Saturday, July 22, 2006

Happy National Ice Cream Month!

What a good month July is. Not much (in our family) happens in this month, but now we have 2 special events to add to July. Jamie's wedding and Grace and Dean's baby girl Abigail Rose was born today!!!!!!!!!! :) What a fun-filled day.

It started out by picking up my mom from Blanket, then we headed to Gatesville (sp?) for sweet Jamie's wedding. On the way there, I called Grace to ask her how she was, and she told me that baby Abby had been born about 4 minutes before I called. What a tremendous blessing it was and what a mercy that the Lord gave her yet another wonderful birthing experience. So, we got cut off b/c reception is not the best on those TX back roads. I was searching the skies for a tower. Anyway, we got a little more info before the wedding started. 7 lbs even and I forget how long. But, Grace said she's beautiful and I even got to hear her cry! :) So, I'm stoked about that. Rats- I don't have a pic to post. Maybe later.

Jamie's wedding was really nice. It appears that she and Dustin really like each other:) It was quite special seeing them vow to be faithful and love each other, etc. Weddings are so cool. And, of course, she looked beautiful and extremely happy. There were LOTS of people there, and I even spotted a few babies. Very nice wedding; I'm so happy we got to go. Mikayla started fussing in the middle of it,so Jody (sweet Jody) took her out and I got to enjoy the remainder of the ceremony. AND, I got to meet Jamie's dear friend Erin. What a SWEET GAL! That was a treat.

On the way home, we stopped @ Tapatia's (or something like that), where they brought out steaming hot hot sauce and chips. I've never seen that before, but it was yummy food. The guy behind us wanted a hamburger "with LOTS of mustard." Go figure. Mustard's ok, but it's definitely NOT something I want anything at all drenched in.

Which brings me to my subject. We stopped @ Dairy Queen in Goldthwaite on the way home, and Jody ordered us some ice cream. He said, "and I want a small, chocolate chip, caramel, cheesecake blizzard, I mean cheeseQUake..." For some reason that tickled me a bit (b/c it was what the sign said). To this day, I'm still laughing:) Ok, it just now happened, but it's a good memory. And you know how they turn the blizzards up-side down?? Well, the girl (armed with many tatoos) very proudly turned our blizzards up-side down and left them there for about 2-3 seconds (seemed like forever). And Jody comments, "wow!" and she just beams. Pretty funny all in all. It's been a good day and I need to get off this computer to get ready for the Lord's day tomorrow. Isn't ice cream month great? We definitely celebrate this month.

Ps. that new blizzard is NOT all it's QUaked up to be...


Vivi said...

Who knew my girls were so witty? I missed the tattoos.... Good eye! Thank you for taking whoever-you-have to church with you today so I could rest--you are a blessing and a joy! Welcome to Abigail Rose! Glory to God! Thanks for letting me be part of your yesterday. Looking forward to pancakes at my house tonight! LUBS! --The Happy M

sarahdodson said...

Thanks, Pwe. You, too, are a blessing and a joy. Also looking forward to Pancakes @ tu casa. Wheee! The kiddos are sweet. Short, but sweet. Get well soon!

Mrs. Jamie Butts :) said...

Thanks so much for coming to my wedding! It meant so much to me. I even saw you from on stage. Glad you got to meet sweet Erin. I'll try and post soon!