Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What's going on?

Today is a good day. Our Jadon is 8 weeks old. My mom came for a visit, and took Mikayla on a lunch date. Wish we could've switched places, but it's nice and quiet in the house with both boys sleeping.

The picture of the camera strap is one that my sweet friend Hannah made just for me!! Isn't it so pretty??! What a talented and lovely girl she is!

And the picture I used for the background of the collage is one that Joseph (2) took this afternoon. Very blurry, but I liked the colors :o)

Sounds like Mikayla and my mom are back. Yay! Better go see what they brought me ;o)


Amanda said...

love the camera strap slipcover! Super cute! ahhh.... I love a quiet house every once in awhile :)

Camera Kid said...

Love the pictures Sarah. I like the background. :)
Hope that Mikayla had a good time.

Hannah B.

Jamie Butts said...

Oh... he is so so sweet! You're family is precious, Sarah!

lauradodson said...

heeeey...is that the lady bug game?

and play-doh? you rock mama.

and a yummy lunch?

and a cute-eared baby?

Christy said...

Super cute, Jadon!

Grace said...

please tell not-so-baby-joseph that i would like some fake ice cream with sprinkles too. and how cute are mom and kayba?? those girls, posing so perfectly! miss them. also... isn't mr. jadon making the cutest faces ever???? i want to kiss him. for sure. march 21, please hurry!!! next time maybe you can hop in front of the camera :) miss you! love you! can't wait to see you! you're special! give your kids a kiss! and finally..... call me!