Monday, July 07, 2008

Mikayla on the 4th

She was definitely the dirtiest one there. Oh well. She had lots of fun:)Posted by Picasa


Misty said...

Oh Sarah looks like so much fun!! I sure wish we could be at more of those events with you guys, we love the family and miss yall so much. I am happy yall had a good time but sad we are missing out. Too bad we cannot have the best of both worlds haveing the Risses/Dodsons/Ledbetters and Reeses together in the same state:( Yes Mikayla looks like shes enjoying herself!
love you

laura said...

what a hoot!

laura again said...

hold on!!!

it's a picture! yay. two pictures, in fact. double yay.

hope this becomes a standard practice. :o)

Grace said...

how cute... just a sweet little picture of a sweet little girl. sure miss you guys. thanks for the part-A. it was a blast.