Monday, June 09, 2008


I know this post seems a little ironic as it follows one about no- bake cookies. Oh well. My brothers Paul and Dan (and about half the time my sister Grace) are huge advocates of raw food.

What veggies do YOU enjoy eating raw??? Please share. I'm trying (sorta) to eat more healthy.

Here are some that we enjoy:

1. carrots
2. red/green/yellow peppers
3. tomatoes
4. avocados!!

ps. and you DON'T need ranch dip. But sometimes it's good, right? :)


Emmie said...

That WAS a weird post about food. Anything but carrots, celery, and onions, probably. But I DO love you! Call me!

Grace said...

well, i just had a lot of raw green beans last night from the dallas farmers' market. i think they are wonderful, but dean said HE wasn't a cow. (not sure if that's the nicest thing he's said about me.) also, i love snow peas, sometimes potatoes, fresh corn off the cob, sprouts, can't think of any more. if i do, i'll let you know via the phone. thanks for the cute post though. i love when my name makes it in there:) even if it's not true. i'm about to call you so get ready. love you.

emmie said...

A weird comment about a weird post: Do some people cook avocados? hehe

Christy said...

I like raw broccoli, but only with some sort of dip. (As Mikayla would say, "dip, dip")

Hey look.. some comments from ME!!

Lovies extreme!!

Misty said...

I too love broccoli and tomatoes are my favorite. I would prefer my food cooked with a bit of seasoning and butter:) I am sure this is of no help to you:) love you.

Put Your Faith Back into Action said...

well mainly those little raw carrots especially dipped in ranch dip christy knows what I'm talking about. Those are the best.(:)

Mrs. Walker said...

Raw food...not found too often in our house, but we do like the list you gave! We also try zucchini(sp?), lettuce, spinach, cucumbers,(anything that can go in a salad, in other words!) Broccoli and cauliflower are ok, but usually with some kind of dip. Can't think of anything else at the moment.

Mrs. Walker said...

I've had avocado enchiladas. Does that constitute as "cooked" avocado?