Saturday, May 24, 2008

My 219th post!

It's about time to get something new typed in this white box. This is my 219th post, which reminds me of our anniversary 2-19. Cool, eh? Speaking of my husband, he celebrated his 35th birthday this week. He took some time off work to spend with the family. We sure enjoyed getting lots of time with him.

We spent 2 nights/3 days at Lake Brownwood State Park in a cabin. A wonderful time was had by all. Most of the days were spent walking around, throwing rocks in the water, and just being together. Might not sound like tons of fun, but it WAS. Sometimes it's just nice to do very little.

Then last night, I made my hubby a cherry pie- his dessert of choice- and some cupcakes for the kiddos to decorate. We'd planned to let the kids play in the sprinkler and it turned into crazy fun with some of the ADULTS doing the slip in slide (tarp+water+baby oil). Good times!!! :)

This evening Mikayla made her daddy laugh. She was standing in her room (well after her bedtime) and she pointed to the basket we keep her p$$nties in and she said, "Dora chonies." That's what my mom calls them, so Mikayla's picked up on that. Jody loved it;) And I put the $$'s instead of the **'s because they are SO expensive.

I have an almost 4 month old boy, and boy, is he ever special. I feel like he came at the perfect! time for our family (of course he did). He's such a neat addition. We enjoy that boy immensely.

Hope you're all doing well, my faithful readers. Sorry for the lack of posting. I get a bit discouraged when I can't post pictures, but you know, life is more than pictures, right? Sure.

Good night!


Emmie said...

"Life is more than pictures" and nobody told me!

Lovely post by a lovely girl.

Another good reason to not spell out the "p" word totally is that perverts look it up to find entries about those. Bad!

Enough internet pervert info for one comment. I love you! I sure like your babies, too, and am so glad your love had a great birthday. I enjoyed spending part of it with you.

For a modest fee, I will not put up the video of you and CC on the "slip and slide." Cash preferred.

Misty said...

Yes I have heard about this video and I have to see it, sounds like way too much fun!! So is Mikayla potty trained? If so congratulations to you and way to go Mikayla! Love to you and your family.

Misty said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures of your kids, they are beautiful and I do think Joseph looks alot like Mike:)

Grace said...

another visit, another 1.5 hours spent with my sister. this is getting frustrated. hurry up and buy a second car so you can come visit. thanks for the post. wish i were there for the slip 'n' slide. i hear i missed out on some major fun. love you.

Heather said...

Wow. I think the last time I did the slip-n-slide was in elementary school. I might be a big chicken now.