Thursday, August 24, 2006

Picture day

Phew. It's HOT outside (and inside). And like I told my mom, I never want to complain about the weather, as I know who is in control of it. I'm looking forward to FALL. Yep, sure am.

So, today I wanted to take some pics of Mikayla, and we brought her green quilt outside to act as the grass. How sad. She was a great sport, even though it's over 100 degrees here.

New subject. Mealtime. It's so neat to have her now sitting at the table with us to eat. Sometimes we give her baby food and sometimes nothing. We just like her there with us. Anyway, we all hold hands when Jody prays and once he starts, Mikayla just looks at her daddy so adoringly with a huge smile. Ok, I peeked. And now that I caught her doing that, I peek every time. She thinks Jody's talking to HER. How funny. I love it.

Mikayla is working on crawling. Not quite there yet; the desire is there but not the skill. Ultra cute to watch. :)I guess it's time to start vacuuming again.

Mikayla will be 5 months old on Monday. Wow. We are so incredibly blessed. We thank the Lord for our precious gift!

Ok, that's all for now.
Ps. hi, CC!


Misty said...

mikayla you are so cute, you look a bit like your cousin naomi:)it is crazy how babies can look like so many people. Mikayla looks just like Jody, but Naomi looks nothing like Jody, but Naomi and Mikayla favor....ANYWAY,a bit confusing:)Maybe one of these days your aunt misty will be able to post pictures, and we can compare who looks like who. love you and your momma

Vivi said...

Sweet baby girl! And her daughter is sure cute, too! I love the lot of you! I know what you mean about looking alike, Misty. Interesting! Off to "go lightly" where no man has gone before with CC. Love! --M

Rebekah said...

It's amazing how quickly our little ones grow up! I'm still in awe of how the Lord worked in your life to give you this precious little girl! And she is precious!
I love that about when Jody is praying...that's so cute! I'd say it's ok to peek every now and then! hehe
Love you and yours!

Laura said...

oh sweet girl. I love those pics. I can't believe the little lump is up and almost moving about. :o) God certainly is good.

Grace said...

hey there girl. man, 5 comments. that's a record i think. just wanted to say how cute your daughter is and i hope to see her sometime in the not too distant future. at least by the end of oct right. sure does seem like a long time from now. but we'll be happy either way. call me sometime. and remember, to comment is to love. eh hem. take that however you want. bye now.

Christy said...

Hi Sarah. Wow.. too bad it only took me like forever too get to read your blog. I was kinda busy, you know.. just going lightly.. or not so lightly, whatever. ;) Thanks for praying for me. I love you!!! I LOVE MIKAYLA!!!

sarahdodson said...

Wow, ladies, you've all inspired me to be more faithful in my blogging. Love you all. thanks for the sweet comments:)